Aavegotchi is having a moment.

It’s not their first, and definitely not their last.

With listings on Binance and Gate.io, along with topping the NFT Gaming weekly sales charts, the Dapp is rounding out its big week with raffle #2 (of 3), where token stakers can potentially win rare wearable NFTs.

Despite my compliments, I do have to admit — it has taken me a while to fully wrap my head around the concept behind Aavegotchi.

It’s no knock against the Dapp, but rather, a sign of my relative new-ness to the world of crypto beyond the retail coin listings…

“We’ve got a lot of hype in the crypto space with a small and steady growth of users. But what we really want is the mass market. We think our Dapp can be their first touchpoint in blockchain. ”

Sound familiar?

There are many great consumer Dapps out there and many have a similar ambition — to not only be the next Crypto Kitties, but to reach higher and be the Facebook (or Apple) of Blockchain.

Honestly…not the craziest thing I’ve heard.

As ETH hits layer 2 and BTC moons yet again, the general public’s interest may soon return to…

DeFi Summer is over. But DeFi x NFT crossover season has just begun.

Many NFT communities are bursting at the seams right now, with hundreds of new users joining daily and NFT drops crashing websites. And with these projects now allowing staking and other DeFi options, this extreme growth will only accelerate as we head into another crypto bull run.

This growth is a good thing. It’s great to see so many people, whether they are crypto folks or not, wanting to get involved to invest and trade NFTs. …

The case for a social token in your DeFi community.

There is a person lurking in your Discord. In fact, lurking is the wrong word. This person doesn’t lurk lurk; they hover and dabble. They read most messages, they reply when appropriate and relevant, and they wait patiently for good opportunities.

They’re not as vocal as the stans who debate day and night about the best alt coin, the worst DEX, or the shit coin they once bought.

They’re not as absent as the “join once, buy once, vanish for 3 years, don’t migrate to v2” people.

They’re not as…

Caveat to the reader: I do not work in blockchain (although I would love to!). If something in here is inaccurate, please DM me and let me know. If you’re a non-blockchain person, I want you to know that there are some incredible resources out there to help you start learning, even as a casual observer (here’s a good place to start).

A few months back I received a very excited text from my 15 year old nephew.

He had just found a box of very old hockey cards.

Wayne Gretzky, Steve Yzerman, Joe Nieuwendyk. Mike Modano. Cards from the…

Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash

I’ve got a lot of respect for people who prepare for interviews. Those that do the research, practice talking about their experience, and come ready with a page full of questions. It means they really want it.

But being prepared is just as important as thinking on your feet. And I made sure to test that with every applicant we interviewed in person.

I’ve been in content marketing since 2010 and I’ve met hundreds of people looking for their next sweet social media gig. I’ve hired for roles like community manager, content strategy, social analytics experts, and copywriter.

Every interview…

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

This might be hard to believe — but you can be an “influencer” without Instagram. Or YouTube. Or even a blog.

In fact, influencers existed long before digital cameras and social media gave everyone a platform. And they still do. Think of the friend you always call for a restaurant recommendation. Or the guy who knows everything about the outdoors. Or the girl who can tell you what app to download. These are influencers, as in they have an actual influence on the major and minor decisions we make in life.

In the consumer brand world, influencers were once just…

Note: This article was first written in July 2018, and has since been updated…because more bad things have happened at Facebook in just the last three months

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

Facebook is huge. Like Huge. It’s almost quite literally the big blue whale of social media, i.e. the biggest thing in the ocean. Despite other creatures and threats, it has no true predator. And like Pinocchio, all 2.23 billion of us users are just along for the ride in the whale’s belly.

But our big blue fish is having a blue old time. First came the Russian meddling and Cambridge Analytica scandals, then…

Luc Doucet

Vancouver, BC

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